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(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)


Life is full of crossroads,
the hard lefts or rights,
and little pathways
of curves, this way or that.

Each way has its own set
of bumps and potholes
and the occasional hairpin turn.

I've wondered at times
how my life might have differed
had I taken a different route.

Lord knows,
I could have used
a few more straight stretches

but at least I made choices,
some good, some not so good.

How sad for those
who merely hitchhike along
never daring to choose at all.

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Someone explain this poem
This poem brings back T.S. Eliot's rose garden section in Burnt Norton. The door through which we did not tread...
Someone I know says he will only regret the choices he didn't make...this made me think of him.
It is a bit of a trap, thinking about what we should have done, a choice is a choice, we should just live with it be happy with it, fate will take care of it's own Warm regards AJS
Remember that the Road Less Trod may lead you, unbeknownst, to...a U-turn *_*
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