Choked Breath In Peace

As I ran miles of unbreathable sleep
Carrying on shoulder a horrible load;
While the wind comforted my weary,
Little that it took to breath a mercy.
The skinny pathway looped a tear
Cracked by little passage a way out;
The smell was terribly demured
And the trees surrendered and vowed;
As the ground slipped a goaky flip.

As I winch frightful pain underneath
My lungs hurdled a garbled air out;
My skin eloped a swirling muse of mess
And the sticky fungus gush out a split.
Amazingly I wonder a careful thought:
Is it an eternal way to pierce swaddling piece
As if a mirtle comes to perforate a seize?
Though weary as I shouldn’t be,
A choked breathe woke me up in peace.

by Gil Gregorio

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