(12/11/60 / Danbury, CT USA)

Choking On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I think I’ll choke,
My turn’s up?
Wanna fill my cup with your applause before I step-foot?
I hear my “cause”
sweating secrets hiding deep in
pores beneath the floors of yellow-bellied axons banging into my

Can you keep me sacred and true and employed after I bear trust in you?
It’s my turn up - wanna fill my cup
with standing ovation, my Nation? Perhaps we have
carried the burden long enough for you to love US out loud?

Hear my “cause” but I trip over myself. I might
choke, NO JOKE, nerves get the best of me swelling in my throat where well-behaved
silence has no enemy.
Wanna set me free tonight?
Like we were meant to be tonight
and all those yesteryears held prisoner will exfoliate

It’s NOT “too late”!
But who
of you
will listen tomorrow when I am DIShonorably discharged
for my “honesty is the best policy”?
Will you

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