An Old Friend

nighttime comes, an old friend
moonlight on piano keys smile.
I do not know how long it’s been,
other than awhile.

let the dogs bark, let shadows
come and go to bed and rise.
there is nothing more than
washington street.
no yesterday,
no next time try.

the shops are closing,
now the lights are turned down low.
all the moths have found their death
I walk where I’ve seen others go.

the cities gone.
disappeared in all its metal rust.
the moon went round the river bend
the bitter clouds all vanish into dust.

this is an old cracked trail friend,
I walk
to walk
with you again.

by Ben Paynter

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Kipling was the Tom Waits of his day.
There is a wonderful setting of this poem by the band 'Bellowhead' (See http: // It's track 5 of the 'jukebox player')