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Cholera The Death Hallow
PM (4th November.1988 / Lusaka)

Cholera The Death Hallow

Poem By Preston Mwiinga

Cholera you come to our society like that old troublesome boy in primary school.
You mock us, you tease us like those stupid and useless bullies in a boarding school.
The problem with you is that you are never, you never like seeing people living happy together.
you have gone ahead by separating us from our traditions and customs of greeting by hand because of your jealous nature, You have changed all of us into Rasta men and women as we are all seeing greeting with knocks.

Cholera you are so heartless, you have no teeth but you have taken away my beloved ones.
You are so cruel that you have not allowed them to have a decent send off to the grave,
because of your stupidity, you have made them to be wrapped in black plastics as if it is black Friday.
They get rolled up like they are diapers ready to be disposed off.

You have not allowed mourners to gather at the funeral as if my beloved ones were outcasts and yet they were loved, they were bread winners, they were our brothers and sisters, they were our aunties and uncles, they were our grand parents, they were our friends at our neighborhood.
what hurts me is that, you have in a cruel way dealt with whosoever has gone against your orders to mourn they, you have killed them too.
You have not considered their status in life, you do not care if they are political leaders or not, infact you even have the guts to insult the head of state without fear of treason, because, if he too does not became careful, you can give him the treason.
doctors you have killed even though they try to help the infected aswell as the affected.
you have not spared even pastors and prophets, You seem to be an outlaw and you fear no prayers you kill them too.
For his life, the only offense he committed was to eat uncovered food on the street, they only crime she made was to use the toilet without washing hands, The only crime the little baby committed was to be fed cold, uncovered food with lots of flies, it could not refuse, it was just a baby and it was hungry.
Look at him the paramedic, in his efforts to be life saver, he has been caught in a web and now he is dead, he could not save himself.
For paying her last respect, you have eliminated her.
but why even as i keep mourning, Cholera but why are you doing this?
because of you Zambia Air-force is now fighting you on the ground, The army is engulfing you using all the formations they learned during the training.
Zambia National Service has now become the the council proving garbage trucks, The police are working hand in hand with the defense, and as for me, I am just that victim in the morning soldiers just command ati, 'Bamuna bonse selukani mudobe vinyalala'
I am commanded to pick garbage with my hands without gloves because of you, risking my defense against you because I know that that you are like the devil moving like a roaring lion looking for someone to destroy.
we have cried enough, and we not tolerate you anymore, we shall all join the defense with force and offer a service to the police too.

Stay health, kick out cholera now but staying healthy, don't eat uncovered foods, wash your hands after using a toilet, always boil your water or add chlorine to eat before drinking,
and many more health precautions.

Life is precious, protect it now, Cholera is death, destroy it now,

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