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help me
there is no way for me
I find no hope to go on
they made me down
all the close ones around me
there is no one to trust
I tried to love them
they tortured and destroyed me
I don't know whats left
I dont know even what to say
in this world
weak people are convicted
like poor ones
who have no right
to choose between diffrent tastes
I couldn't be treated fairly
even by myself
give me the strength
to stand again
I don't want to be left here.

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here in this wry world there have always been the battles for the hopes and despondencies.between dark and white.that all of them would end to armageddon.i dont believe in saying such stupid mottos.but i do believe some day you will find poeple around that they will treat you as you deserve. keep hope my friend.and do invoke as you have mentioned.hosanna that God is always with us.dont let these feelings be the scourge of your soul. wonderful inner feelings depicted in flowing lines. kudos~nb
Kind of perfect work, this life is a game, nothing inside it is true, you can't trust in the things that you see. and even sometimes you can't trust in what you feel keep up writing well done