Choose Another Path To Take

Too much energy continues to be wasted,
By those who lock horns in heated debates.
Often it is the repetition that feeds a need,
For people finding themselves in these positions.
To accomplish a getting of attention someone seeks.
And for another who is baited to spend minutes of lost time,
Nothing is determined to have been resolved...
Even when one's mind is prepared to be numbed with pain killers.

'If you know you're going to waste energy repeatedly,
Why put yourself through the same routine? '

~I can't escape from it, it's all over the place.~

'Stay home.
Or choose another path to take.
Unless you fear not getting a fix,
Of an apparent addiction needed on a daily basis.'

~You don't understand.~

'That's true.
I am not committed to being abused.
And I am not wanting that for myself either.
I've given up volunteering for headaches to get,
As a donated appreciation for the time I give.
And 'that' thought never leaves me to be clearly understood.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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