Choose Not To Die

Poem By Antoinette Padua

My God restrain me, rooftops rise,
Depths calling from the skies,
Marrow from some splintered bones
Embalms, the silence cries
Aloud a pain that knows no end
Cuts, wrenches, loud, unspent,
A burning, ferment, narrowing bent
On splicing through and through
A fish fletched fresh with sinews bare
And vultures flying by.

Would from the rooftops shout aloud
A cry that death is nigh
Would that all suffering and relief
It's spirit grand and free,
It's groans, imprisonment hard be heard
Victorious above the skies,
More curies in this world be born
Ribbed caged hearts to treat -
To launch attack, to dare, defeat death,
Hearts that choose to die.
Not you, your fight is sure and sweet
Victoriously come by -
The vultures flee, for us He bled
Best choice choose not to die

Comments about Choose Not To Die

This is beautiful poetry and the theme touches my heart deeply - the rhythm and uneven lines all work together to express deeply felt emotion, great work!
This is a very dramatic poem, full of larger-than-life poetic imagery. The first two lines captured my attention and kept me reading. The hyperbole here works well because it is a character appealing to God about life vs. death. Well done. Thanks for sharing, eschewing the vulture and choosing not to die. I think I will read more of your work.

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