JFB ( / Nutter Fort, West Virginia)

Choose Wisely

Many are the miles I've traveled,
Disappointments I've had, not a few;
the path was not always visible,
And I walked by faith, it is true.
But there was a presence near me,
And it seemed I could hear Him say,
"Listen, My child, to my counsel,
When I tell you, this is the ay."

There's another path well traveled,
Where it seems there's plenty of light,
And the joyous sounds of the walkers
Shows they are walking by sight.
But, nearing the and, the sky grows dark,
and their eyes behold a form --
A messenger of darkness to score them
Right into the midst of the storm.

How important it is in days of youth,
To choose the path we should follow;
Our end could come in the city of light,
OR else in sins darkness we'll wallow
For sin has been expelled from heaven
And allowed nevermore to return,
and those who've followed its evil ways
Shall never god's Bounty discern,

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