Choosing The Choice

Some day..
May be after a Decade
Or Some years later,
Might After any Poor Result
Or stricken by any failure,
I may ask my self that time
That If I had chosen
Any other Stream than Science
Or Something easy might be fun.
I could secure more marks
Gave time to my Family and Friends
May Indulge in other cool activities
Or might have lots of bucks in pocket
Might have owned a luxurious car
Shall have setup a Huge Business
Or have my name registered among tycoons apart.
But then
I..I will smile on the thought
Because It is past and can't be changed,
But I will Surely Be Satisfied cause
Choosing This stream was justice to myself.
A true window for my passion to set the flight.
A sea for the boat of my curiosity.
And a Questioner for teasing my notorious mind.
Satisfaction is what I have got with this And whatever I will be in my life.
I will not cry for my step or blame others.
Cause I have myself and for my self choose the choice....

by Akhil Singh Pundir

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