MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Choosing The Rainbow

I drift around the edges of the day
sunrise, sunset, defining moments
that anchor me; that give me substance,
each transition into day, to night
a door that closes on a segment
of the past creating hope, future
to drive the furnace of the breath
ever forward into wonder into
the mystery of what awaits,
the ‘who’s I have not met
the smiles unstretched, the tears
all stored against compassion, fear
or pain, not yet salted, just existing
as a possibility that may unfold
may take me by the hand to lead
me down the garden path, to guide me
as pre-dawn turns the night to silver
waiting for full light to add true colour
to the mix so I can choose the rainbow
to paint the canvas of my living..

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Some very beautiful phrases and images are presented here. Thank you very much.