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A Kiss On Your Cheek (For My Love)
DG (9/19/1963 / )

A Kiss On Your Cheek (For My Love)

A kiss has multifarious meanings,
Even I, am confused with such things.
But one meaning is I am sure with,
The kiss on your cheek that I did.

It wasn't saying goodbye, it's saying 'I want you',
For nothing else is better than being loved by you.
That four-letter word I've felt for you is so genuine,
Came from the bottom of my heart, feels like medicine.

I tried so hard to hope that you always see,
How much you, being in my life, means to me.
I made myself believe all things were okay,
How can't I see you fading away, T.C.J.A.?

But, once again I want you to know that I'm sorry,
For all of the carelessness I did, making you unhappy.
Please let me know you one more time, being my M.U. and best friend,
For I've learned from my mistakes, and this is not dead end.

There's so much I can do for you,
After all of the things we have been through.
I love you for every second, every hour, every day, every week,
So, let this poem be another kiss on your cheek.

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Interesting thought, David..but of which home do you speak of though...here, as in an empty housesnce your mom's pasing& that a homeless person could be living in? Or, her final resting place & new home that holds no time or motgage...? Either way, David, this is a fine Write...Great concept! frank