Banana seat, high bars,
big smile, head in the stars.
Pegs under my feet,
Bikes running real sweet.

Thin front wheel,
wide back one.
Chain well oiled,
gonna have fun.

Didn't check the brakes,
can cause mistakes.
Long silver fork,
need more tork.

Cruzin down the street,
feels like a treat.
My buddy's I'm going to meet,
then check out the beat.

After hitting the wall, as I am flying through the air,
I swear, 'should have checked the F-in brakes'.
Wind blowing through my hair,
this is not right, life is so unfair.

by David Darbyshire

Comments (2)

I won't ride pillion on YOUR bike, then, Dave. Great poem. I love bikers! Love, Fran xx
Ha - nice one David ya made me laugh and the rain's pouring down All the best, Sean