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Chorus 222 (For A Chicken Winged Babe)

I've never taken you for granted
I, on the contrary
Seem to have taken you too seriously
Its your smile or your nipples showing through your shirt on a chilly afternoon
I dont recall seeing the monkeys dancing on your legs\or the rose in the intersection of your thighs
The way you hold a pen between your teeth
as you ponder on some thought
The goddamn hail mary's you pray
when you cross and uncross your arms,
My fixation over you
My little girl
If i ever saw you naked
buck naked
Id be no closer to death
that i am right now watching
write your senior project
and sucking on that pen
or carrying your back pack
I play with your shadow and fornicate with your shoes
You've got me so horny
I feel like a monkey fucking a pinball machine
It just pisses me off to realize
itll be years till i get a good look at you
and those toenails
Have me (the devil)
Inside you (An angel with pubes)
Sexual intercourse with you and its rush can only compare
to the pain i might feel if i tie my cock to string and that to a pole and run in the opposite direction
Walk away sexy animal with a tendency to fart in secret, with a vibrating sense of cockiness, with the heart felt need for a man like me
Cause you know it
Im your man since the fourth grade
The only man
The only man
I gross myself out but you
Id eat bricks for you in order to shit out
a 2 story apartment for the both of us
I'll give it your betraying name

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