Poem Hunter
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Sling mud!
Judge and be judged.
Sit high on thrones untouched.
Walk on clouds.
And allow the Sun,
To glow as you bask.
Living as one should...
As Chosen.
From a conference of 'deities'.
To rule and decide,
Whose life is worthy...
Of any decision you make,
And pass.
Giving other humans a right to breathe,
At your convenience.
Be thrilled.
Overjoyed and comforted.
Only YOU have been placed here on Earth...
With power,
Greater than The Almighty.
And to glisten and drip,
With sweat from your brow...
To nourish all things that grow,
From a seeded harvest...
Blessed with the gift of your presence.
Tremendous and so underestimated,
Is the gratefulness owed to you...
We keep so selfishly hidden!
Out of view.
And with your vindictive maliciousness,
All look forward to your explicit reminders.
Your essence is greater than the soil itself.
When you appear,
All eyes are lowered to keep from blinding...
In your radiant light.
Be thrilled.
Overjoyed and comforted.
Could or would never,
EVER do wrong!

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