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Chosen As Their Options
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Chosen As Their Options

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

To be satisfied with a life one's got,
Is to be able to acknowledge mistakes made.
Whether done intentionally to do again or not.
With choices and decisions to make,
To place their own footsteps with faith.

This gift given to all as observed,
Is not to seek to live it perfectly.
But to do it in the doing of that which is best,
To not repeat the beating of one's head against a wall.
Belieivng this process leads to happiness.
It doesn't for many but for a few it may.

Unless one believes a sacrificial beating of oneself,
Is the reason why they have come into possession...
Of such a wonderous gift.
And have become upset that pain with suffering,
Is what one needs to accessorize to show others...
They can flaunt what they have chosen as their options.

One never knows which road some choose to select.
And for those who have chosen a road,
That continues to go in a circle that connects...
Perhaps one day for them this will be noticed.
But to stand and watch this activity done to judge,
Should not be defended by anyone as being productive.

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