Chrismas Dialogue With Raph


I listened hard for a crowd's timely cheers,
Raucous but yet pleasant,
Nothing but a silent jingle as of pendant,
Against the ears of star-filled skies.

Then in came the men on leather straps,
Prostrate 'fore the sheep's food trough.
What lay on it I think I saw well enough:
An infant swaddled and in bliss lapsed.

I wanted you to see with me,
That glorious scene in Bethlehem.
Or the silence amid the caeser's mayhem;
What I'll give that you in it be!


Yes as the census bells jingled y
Joseph the peasant, swirled round
Only then did Mary's round belly tingled
There she was rested on the mangers mould

Then in came the men with their rods and staff
Whose glorious message the Angels wrote on staff
Then in came The high and mighty enroute from the east
All kowtowed in adoration as in a feast

Search for me not in Jerusalem
In speed be transported to Bethlehem
For ceaser's mayhem, in silence failed
All we have in it is to gloriously keep him hailed.


Too wonderful for me this gesture
Of immense Kenosis by Him who all fills.
The tale goes on for all time just as He wills:
That the lamb leads the sheep to a Divine future.


That's why I sit on the fence of meditation
Loneliness counts not nor gross isolation
But with the universe I ponder in adoration
Praise be given to the only God of creation

by Austyn Chimbuoyim

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