Soft Landing

A little bird flying down from the sky, gliding lightly
over the grass, hundreds of leaves lying on the ground,
brown and crackling dry.

This little bird comes down softly for a landing, standing
still, blending in with the leaves for a few seconds as it

Landing perfectly still, then moving a fraction of an inch
it comes into full view again.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (3)

You write on something here that bothers me as well, Laurie, when Jesus is infantilized. But I remember that most of the Gospel stories are in the past tense, of the incarnation, the short human life of him who was with God in the beginning and is yet to come again. And surely it’s instructive, no? , to see how God came, and who’s first to witness his birth. -Glen
Such a Great King - the King of Kings could humble himself and take birth in a manger in the form of a helpless babe. Don't you see the beauty of it! I differ with you in that respect! Of course, you have dealt with this theme from another angle! Enjoyed this lovely write!
What Jesus preached as a man, he shook the established ritualistic form of worship of his day, he, as foretold..was rejected by them because he exposed their misapplied view and application of scripture, and he said it would be the same for his true followers in the time of the end, if they...The religious establishment of his day...has persecuted me, they..the religious establishment of today...will persecute you also. A slave in not greater than his master, a wonderful poem