Christ, A Baby?

Today, people want to honour me
Or so they say
But they pull out that same old story
And they pray
And they call me the Divine Baby

But that child grew
And became the greatest teacher
He shared all he knew
And became a tireless preacher
His message is for you

He is the Lamb that was slaughtered
A sacrifice for all
Through him evil will be thwarted
And the Wicked One will fall
Mankind's ills forever sorted

Call me Wonderful Counsellor
Or the mighty Prince of Peace
I'm not a helpless baby in a manger
Will my infancy not cease?
How can a child be a ruler?

I am the light of the world
Through whom darkness is dispelled
I am the life-giving bread
Through whom all mankind is fed
When will this fairy-tale be quelled?

I ride a gallant white horse in the sky
My eyes are a fiery flame
King of kings is written on my thigh
Lord of lords is my other name
I must bring vengeance from on high

I am the one who is Faithful and True
I am always true to my word
I'll bring justice and make all things new
About this new world have you heard?
Where love will descend like morning dew

This is who I am and always will be
I was sent by the One who is supreme
So, please no longer call me baby
I'm tired of that old worn-out theme
I am the agent of life for all eternity

by Laurie Van der Hart

Comments (3)

You write on something here that bothers me as well, Laurie, when Jesus is infantilized. But I remember that most of the Gospel stories are in the past tense, of the incarnation, the short human life of him who was with God in the beginning and is yet to come again. And surely it’s instructive, no? , to see how God came, and who’s first to witness his birth. -Glen
Such a Great King - the King of Kings could humble himself and take birth in a manger in the form of a helpless babe. Don't you see the beauty of it! I differ with you in that respect! Of course, you have dealt with this theme from another angle! Enjoyed this lovely write!
What Jesus preached as a man, he shook the established ritualistic form of worship of his day, he, as foretold..was rejected by them because he exposed their misapplied view and application of scripture, and he said it would be the same for his true followers in the time of the end, if they...The religious establishment of his day...has persecuted me, they..the religious establishment of today...will persecute you also. A slave in not greater than his master, a wonderful poem