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###their Amazing Ardour

Arctic smiles
Atlantic smiles
Pacific smiles
Himalaya sounds hurray!

No comparison with their substance, their minds, their ardour,
Who create tremendous affaire de coeur!

Someone says-
Love these days
In a state of topsy-turvy.
They said- No.

They pronounced
They provoked
They proved.

No other option switched on
Stranger than fiction!

Miror to mirror
No error
both within lovely tremor!

The essence of quintessence knows,
Purity of love is only in devotion
That shows.

They smiling
Star moon sun supernova smiling
Jannatul ferdous smiling
Angels smiling
Butterflies smiling
Colour spectrum smiling
Poets of the world are smiling too.

The essence of quintessence knows,
Purity of love is only in devotion
That shows.....

I dedicate this poem to two lover, My friend Faysal of Bangladesh and his Romanian beloved wife Faria.
They introduced each other through online.
Chatting chatting chatting at last getting into! ! Loving heart captured magnetic heart! ! Love had effloresced! Surprisingly they decided to get married without seeing even each others pictures! what an intense relation between two lovely hearts! Marriage had completed over telephone and then they appeared online camera! Both had gladdened. So no more late.
Faysal was in UAE. According to their decision, Faysal left for Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) . Faria got on plane from Romania to fly onto meet with her beloved in Dhaka. It was a day of last month, Faysal received his sweetheart in Dhaka airport. Longing end! No more tears! He and she now within the tremendous calculation 1+1=1!
Long live Faysal, Long live Faria, Long live true love!

©copyright by sarwar chowdhury. all rights reserved.

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Lil sis, sometimes we forget the things we should remember most that the dear lord is always there when we need him and that we should treat him as such. Top marks and thanks for sharing this Lil sis. Hope you are having a Happy Easter. God Bless Big Bruv xxx