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Christ Restoreth All

Some how I really have to let go.
Of promise, love, and a rainbow.

This picture of ours has too many tears,
From unkept promises told through the years,

So this time we're really through,
I'm painting a picture of life without you,

Our picture will hang in a gallery alone,
of a family who almost made it home,

Now how many dreams end up this way?
When all has been done, and there's no more to say,

Now the broken dreams were painted lost,
Was there anyone to pay the cost?

To restore the hurt and damage done,
Ah! The Lord seems to be the only one,

To take a picture all tattered and torn,
battered left, and finally worn,

Now the Lord saw the picture of this life,
Looked at it and didn't think twice,
And said, "You know I've paid the price,"

I'll take this broken picture home,
and place it in my Heaven's Dome.

Yes, Christ restoreth all!
Christ is the answer to our call.

by Theresa St. Anne Malone

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