Christ's Brave New World!

The poet sat, no thought in mind,
No theme to spur his skills...
No cause for him to stir Mankind
To overcome his ills...
The world had ended all its wars,
The starving mouths were fed,
The injured bodies cured of scars,
Man lived in peace not dread.
The unemployed earnt money, too...
Thus taxes were decreased!
Since everyone had work to do,
Man's tensions had been eased.
The Golden Rule of Love had meant
A blessing for each life!
Gone were the times we'd most resent
Which led to pain and strife!
On Christ's return men's souls were healed!
The Golden Age at last!
The devil lost, was forced to yield,
And so he was aghast!
Prosperity was common place
And crime had gone as well...
God put a smile on every face,
Man's troubles to dispel...
The poet sat, no need to write -
No change to campaign for!
No need to stay up late at night,
Emotions to implore!
And thus he sat, contentedly,
Serenity itself...
No need to make the earnest plea
That Man must share his wealth...
No babe went hungry on the Earth...
Each child was catered for...
The Saviour's world was full of love!
His Blood had proved the cure!
The poet smiled! Don't think it odd!
He'd seen perfection come!
Behold the Man! The Son of God!
It's His millennium!

by Denis Martindale

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