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Christ The Last Mohegan
PCC (January 9,1936 / Bronx, New York)

Christ The Last Mohegan

Poem By Paul Clement Czaja

Just for today
I shall be a free spirit
In the pure virgin forest
Of this here and now.
I run free
Weaving through the trees
On moccasin covered feet -
My shoulders brushing against
The hard green leaves of mountain laurel -
My eyes bright and alert -
My heart pounding within my naked chest -
The air rushing past my face cool and scented-
My long hair flying -
I sense eeverything before me -
I am Hawkeye!
I will find you wherever you are -
Captive of Magua, the serpent,
Who has no heart
And is the father of lies.
I see the truth in the trail
And I am close and getting near.
Not far behind me runs
The father of my wisdom.
He comes fast
To kill Magua when the chase is done.
I clobber each painted devil I meet
Blocking my way to you.
There is only this now before my burning eyes
Until I find you
And take you here
Into my arms

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What a poem of hope! This piece is a classic!