Christian Pledge Of Allegiance

As believers, we should pledge allegiance to God!
Our belief - God is real- The Father, Son and Holy Spirit !
Our covenant - we should be like God - do good not evil !
Our creed - we pledge everything to God - our all and all !
Our theme - spreading the good news about Christ throughout the world
and bringing others to Christ!
Our gift - Jesus Christ; a gift from God to be shared with other.
Our focus-Christ died that we all may live!
Our priorities - put God first in our lives!
Our inspiration _ only what we we do Christ will last and the
knowledge of God's promise of our salvation !
Our encouragement - be a friend; be supportive to others who are dow in spirit.
Our bondage - Jesus blood set us free !
Our prayers- our personal intercession with God for all in need - our
enemies too!
Our compassion bringing others to Christ.
Our faith - prayer is the key to the kingdom- faith unlocks the door!
Our mission- to do God's will !
Our love - extends to all mankind !
Our goal - helping to promote charity, hope, faith and peace throughtout the world.
Our ears - hear, listen and absorb the word of God !
Our eyes - to seeing and doing what's right .
Our vision - a shinning light to direct the path for others to follow !
Our acknowledgment - in all thy way - God will direct our paths !
Our path - lighted by God to prepare the way to him !
Our walk - straight forward and heavenly bound!
Our minds - committed to improving our Christian witness!
Our hearts - to remaining humble, faithful and loyal !
Our clothing - put on the whold armour of God!
Our bodies - to being good servants !
Our lives- to spreading God's word!
Our lifestyles - one of the righteousness and holiness !
Our destinies - life eternal !
Our reward - a heavenly crown, heavenly home!
Our souls- to reigning with God !
Hebrews 10:39 - Scripture
"We are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul."

by Alfrednett Atkinson

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