Christie And Lanon Weir

Christie and Lanon
Were my first two grand's.
They laughed
They palyed.
I would sit watching them
Or sometimes left
Just to stand.
Looking at them play
I would envision and think
About when they were smaller
Not able to even see
Over the kitchen sink.

Oh how I adored them
They were such beautiful babes.
I couldn't have asked for more joy
During that period in my life.
To them I was just 'Me'.
I was just 'Big Mama'
Their real live toy.
Their laughter became my laughter
Their tears became mine.
We put more hours in the day
Nothing could steal our fun
From any minute we could find.

We never made a schedule
We paid no attention to time.
If these two lovely children
Knew the changes
They truly made in me
They would have thought
I was out of my mind.
Just to become the grandmother
My friends and others now see.
Yes we all get older
Yes life seems to flee.

For the memories of happiness
Is something even time
Can't take from me.
Because Life blesses you
With he glory of goodness
If you can just stop
And let some things
Just 'Be'.
Out of all the good times
Christie, Lanon and I had
Laughing and playing,
Riding and shopping.
Doing the enjoyable things
That made us who we are
And the persons we now see.
Time never stood still
Change didn't become a virtue.
Still its just a downloaded memory
That fills my heart with glee
But still got stolen.....
By the changes of the time
Truly has transformed for us
But something change can't deceit.

by Cecelia Weir

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