Christie The Queen Of Song

A poet if ever there was one is Christie the Queen of Song
She sings her songs on her guitar whilst others sing along
Her singing voice distinctive is so beautiful and clear
And she is one of those that you've heard once that again you want to hear.

Her shoulder length brown hair and attractive looks and she seems free of guile
And she has such a charming way and warmth in her smile
A poet and singer songwriter and few as great as she
And one of the few who could pen a song to any melody.

At the end of her every performance there is always an encore
And her audience in one voice to her call Christie please sing one more
And Christie always obliges them she is not one to say no
As a songwriter and singer her reputation grow.

One now in her late thirties though she does not look her age
And her many fans are happy when Christie is on stage
A poet and singer songwriter with shoulder length brown hair
She has a lovely singing voice and few to her compare.

by Francis Duggan

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