Christina Noble

Despite a childhood of poverty, rape and violence she would not accept defeat
The amazing Christina Noble by life refused for to be beat
She spent much of her childhood in an orphanage in Dublin and as homeless on the street
But as her surname suggests with nobility life's toughest challenges she did meet
Thousands of poor children in Vietnam and Mongolia her praises do sing
She help to make their lives better hope and joy to them she does bring
The dream of making life better for others in her charitable works she does pursue
And she is one who through her hard work who has made her dreams come true
To thousands of poor children who had been struggling to cope
She has given them food and shelter as well as faith and hope
A woman of compassion and empathy she is generous and kind
It is true the seeds of greatness take root within the mind
She works tirelessly on behalf of the disadvantaged without seeking wealth and fame
For a better World to live in for many Christina Noble carries the flame.

by Francis Duggan

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