For twenty two years she has lived in Australia and her only offspring is nineteen
But she says she'll go home for to grow old in Manchester fond memories of home with her evergreen
She watches English Premier League football on the t v Manchester United is her favourite team
And from afar she cheers on the red devils to her they are the footballers supreme.

A forty two years old brown haired divorcee Christine will not give marriage one more try
Her ex husband he was unfaithful to her and that she once loved him she never would deny
But due to his infidelities she grew to distrust him and far apart from him she only grew
And she felt happy to learn of the good news when he told her he had found some one new.

She will go home again to live in England to old Manchester her beloved Hometown
And she will be there in the stand at Old Trafford when United play to add to their renown
And she will wave her red flag of United and she will be part of that mighty roar
That echoes in that Famous Football Stadium each time the Red Devils break through to score.

She lives near Melbourne in the eastern Suburbs but she'll return to her Homeland one day
Back to Manchester the home of Man United the love of Hometown never die they say
For twenty two years she's lived out of England but her accent it is still a give away
And till the Grim Reaper will come to claim her that bit of England in her will stay.

by Francis Duggan

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