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She ran into my room with a sparkle in her eyes and s great smile,
Her mouth was as red as blood from the lipstick she was wearing,
The dress her husband had brought her was worn, and her favorite perfume - sweet lavender was sprayed,
i can always remember that, it was such a strong smell.
Her long ginger curly hair was bouncing and flowing as she stopped to look, Her nails where a nice shape and painted red. amnd then her eyes gleamed of delight,
Her voice was as soft as a feather, just as how i can remember, Her laugh made my fingers tickle as she laughed at the sight of me crying.
I loved her laugh, but yet i wasnt crying because i was sad, it was because i had not seen christine for twenty years. I dont know if she knew or not. or was she just trying to hide that?
At that her red lips made a move and opened, she quietly spoke,
'I'm so glad your here. and i'm glad you came, Finally.'
i felt my smile come, she held out my hand, and My stomach was being pushed, White ligjht surrounded me, I felt my cold eyes open to see a team of doctors around a hospital bed, My head was hurting, and my heart felt torn.
My mother spoke two words.
'You Idiot'
Later did i know, i jumped out a window.

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Langston Hughes


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A real thought provoker and hard hitting.10