Decorated dwellings,
A festival of light.
Christmas stars and Santa’s,
Lighting up the night.

Sweetly sounding voices,
Singing songs of cheer.
Mother stuffing turkey,
Father, swilling beer

Children scrubbed and gleaming
Early to their beds,
Snuggled under duvets,
Pillows hiding heads.

Early hours of morning,
All the world is still.
Soft white snow is falling,
Blankets windowsill.

Bleary eyed youngsters
Zombie down the stairs,
There beneath the Christmas tree,
Santa’s left his wares.

Dashing back the way the came,
Jump on mum and dads bed.
Mother gives out happy hugs,
Dad holds aching head.

If every day was as this day
What a world we would see.
No more fighting and killing
Just love for you and me.

by Brian Joseph Dickenson

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Brian, a fine christmas jingle with a true holiday (holy day) message! Brian