Better Kept Wrapped

I am an Aquarian.
And not into heat that's humidified.
I am a 'let-the-snow-fall'...
Up Uranus, Winter loving air sign.

All that heat and people on the streets,
Clinging onto dripping sweat?
That part of Summer,
I'd like to forget.

Melting snow reminds me of seeing...
Meat thawing
And some meat I've seen thawing in Summer...
Would be better kept wrapped.
And thrown back into the freezer.

Doing everyone a favor,
If not seen.
Unless it's at one of those midnight cookouts.
Under the Moonlight.
It seems only 'then' that the trimming of fat,
Is not so obviously needed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (4)

Praise for your beautiful elegy. Only an extraordinary soul could have created it. Take care. Kind wishes, Sandra
The truth you write of hurts to the core of me....because I can feel their pain, the cold and the horrible light they at that moment in time will hold in their hearts til death does them part...........This is a Thought provoking piece that scares me. Well written, truth filled and painful poem that teaches and allows the reader to be there in the warrier shoes while sitting in the safty of their own home. Thanx for sharing this piece as it captured so much...SO much.10/10. Take care of U =Shelley=
Bob great poem I just love poems about War / not because I am a war monger it's because I have great feling and pashion about patriotama and social history. What I must tell you is that the Allies and the Hun played football on Christmas Day. I have written a couple of poems on the war check them out when you get time.
a powerful poem sad so sad and that's the strength here that you give the sadness form and the reader feels the deaths and prays for flesh long dead to be at peace