Christmas - A Little Friend's Poem - Written By Amy Boothby, Aged 10

Are you...........
ready for Christmas? , to decorate the tree,

by Ernestine Northover Click to read full poem

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I love this poem. It comes from the heart.
(Christmas - A Little Friend's Poem - Written By Amy Boothby, Aged 10 - Poem by Ernestine Northover.) **Getting into the spirit.Christmas - A Little Friend's Poem - Written By Amy Boothby, Aged 10 - Poem by Ernestine Northover
a good effort to write about christmas.
This is beautiful, Ern..words that comes from an innocent and gentle heart. I do love this
You're a wonderful mentor Ernestine, this poem is fabulous, it's filled with feelings of happiness. Christmas is my favourite time of year and Amy expresses it in such a joyful way. An excellent write, thankyou Amy.--Melvina--
Perhaps the greastest poem here is your poetic voice from the heart.What a fine young writer she is and what a kind hearted person to have shown the world.Lovely poem and lovely thought Ernestine. I hope that Amy is as happy with this one as we are.Love Duncan
Ernestine, absolutely. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a 20! However, since the scale is only to ten, I was forced to give you such a low rating as a ten. God Bless Anabelle
Well done, Amy. I loved this one.
How sweet, Amy! ! ! ! ! ! !
I wonder if Amy wouldn't enjoy the work of another young girl named Hilda Conkling. Her mother used to write down every poem she said and Amy Lowell ended up writing an intro for her and helping her get them published. They are so darling. Here is a link to her fascinating bio and poems: http: //
Oh my! Ten years old? She really must keep on writing (and posting here) Ernestine. It's so nice of you to post it for her. I hope you encourage her to keep writing! Sincerely, mary
this is great! Tell Amy I wrote my first real poem when I was ten, too. How I wish we had put together the Christmas anthology that I wanted to do originally. Most of my family would really appreciate this.