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Christmas Blues
LO Linda Ori (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Christmas Blues

The tree stands in the corner
Adorned with sparkling lights,
Beneath the tree are presents
Wrapped on many sleepless nights;
The cards have all be written
And mailed to one and all,
The cookies baked and frosted
And the cheese rolled in a ball;
I sit here and I ponder
What's the meaning of this scene?
I'm harried and I'm tired
And my wallet's out of green;
I love the Christmas music
And the parties with my friends,
The lengthy conversation
On the phone that never ends;
I took the time to try to find
That special gift so right,
The one that says 'I love you'
In hopes that it just might
Let you know how much I care -
I hope I get one, too,
Somehow it seems one sided,
'Cause the gift I get from you
Is usually something meaningless,
You never seem to know
Just what it is I really want,
Your gift is just for show;
Oh, well, it's just another year,
Another small disaster -
I bust my butt to do it all,
Each year I do it faster;
So for now I'll just relax,
Enjoy this lovely tree -
Drink some wine and rest my mind
And take the time to be
Totally in the moment,
Now all the work is done -
Christmas comes but once a year..............
Thank God! Let's have some fun!

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Comments (7)

This trips along beautifully, Linda :) Such a pity that you seem to be taken for granted: (I can only hope that this is your muse performing; and performing perfectly it is - as usual. I hope you had a wonderful time, at least with your friend, the tree :) Best wishes. jack.
A well depict insight unto 'he blues of hustle bustle of season.....Well Done
Well extremes co-exist in this poem of yours and beautifully expressed too. I liked the silent participation of the tree in the poem.
Linda, well expressed and yes it's time to have some fun! All the best to you and yours, Merry Christmas, Diane
well, i am absolutely with you on that one! ! ! well done and well written! thanks for sharing. ulrike
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