Christmas Carol

The kings they came from out the south,
All dressed in ermine fine;
They bore Him gold and chrysoprase,
And gifts of precious wine.

by Sara Teasdale Click to read full poem

Comments about Christmas Carol

cooldoodman 17 Dec 2018 11:42
Brahrvoh addexz 21 Nov 2018 03:27
What a nice poem
Alexander Julian 27 Dec 2017 10:53
Are all the characters vegetables from that kids show?
Savita Tyagi 27 Dec 2017 01:14
Lovely carol enjoyed reading.
Philip Grabowskii 27 Dec 2017 01:09
A nice, light seasonal read. I especially liked the last two lines: But little Jesus fell asleep / Before the song was done. It reminds me of the idea of Christ as human, the part that so many people forget. He was still, ultimately, just a child at this point.
Jeanette Telusma 27 Dec 2017 06:44
- - -The angels came from heaven high, And they were clad with wings; And lo, they brought a joyful song The host of heaven sings.- - - - - A lovely POD I read it with enjoyment.
Rajnish Manga 27 Dec 2017 02:17
So sweet and soothing to the ears and the spirit. This is how Jesus was caressed by mortals and angels alike. Thanks.
Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 27 Dec 2017 01:16
A joyful hymn revived and reinvented with this Christmas carol...........very inspiring indeed.........great work by great poetess.........thanks for sharing
Grace Kusta Nasralla 02 Dec 2017 06:52
What a nice Christmas carol! I love the angels part! !
Wayne 02 Dec 2017 08:06
The poems reflects deep thought, selective words, compassion and is our Christmas gift from Sara
Seamus O Brian 25 Dec 2016 12:07
Creative perspective, nicely written. Enjoyable Christmas read.
Tom Allport 25 Dec 2016 08:44
a saviour was born for everyone who listens
Gladys Brown Prince 25 Dec 2016 06:58
Songs by angels who bring with good news, What a night it was, for those shepherds too!
Muzahidul Reza 25 Dec 2016 01:39
The kings they came from out the south, All dressed in ermine fine; They bore Him gold and chrysoprase, And gifts of precious wine. nicely witten, thank you for sharing the poem with us
Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 25 Dec 2016 12:33
A beautiful poem Sara, Happy Christmas.Congratulations on being member of the day. Col Muhammad Khalid khan
Walterrean Salley 25 Nov 2016 07:41
(Christmas Carol - Poem by Sara Teasdale.) **I never tire of the ancient story divine.
Tapan M. Saren 23 Nov 2016 09:40
Wow! Fine invention.......
Rajnish Manga 24 Dec 2015 08:47
It is how little Jesus was ushered in and delivered to the world. So sweet and lovely carol. The kings they came from out the south, The shepherds came from out the north, The wise men came from out the east, The angels came from heaven high,
Susan Williams 24 Dec 2015 07:28
I am somewhat surprised that Sara Teasdale wrote this. Not saying she shouldn't or couldn't. Just saying I wasn't expecting this from her. Sweet and smooth faith poem.
Rosie Bourget 24 Dec 2015 06:06
Beautiful piece. Good job Sara! !