Christmas Cheers

Poem By Lee McGregor

Welcome to all who gather today
Our journeys have crossed here and now,
The festival season upon us again
Relax and unwind, take a bow.

For the year that has passed
You've been challenged once more,
Faced what had to be done,
But now take a break
You most surely deserve
The season of merriment and fun!

And what of the year
That precedes this fine day?
So much overcome and enjoyed,
Having weaved our way
Through the path that we chose,
Once again at the table rejoined.

Tinsel and baubles
Pine needles combine
Sweet conifer fragrance pervades,
The heady bouquet colored lights intertwined,
Gaze at the glow drift away in your mind
Memories treasured from passing decades.

The season of giving
Of gifts and of self
Wrapping strewn over the floor,
The Christmas songs we have come to embrace
Play over, revive and endure.

Let's not pass over how blessed we are
To partake of such a fine feast,
The bonbons and hats
And the jokes that fall flat
An essential part of the treat!

For those no longer with us today
Of family and friends come and gone,
Let's raise in our hearts
Fond memories held dear,
Raise up our glasses remember them clear
When they graced this day with their form.

For the young and the older
And those young at heart
New faces who share in this space,
The cycle continues
The joy of the day
A meaningful moment of place.

And so here we are
Another year has brought us to the end,
Family have traveled from near and far
Good time and cheer to spend.

Could be these times are preciously few
Who knows how many in store?
Let's celebrate this day anew,
Family are gathered in ones and twos,
Christmas is here best wishes to you,
We have come together once more!

(December 14, 2013)

Comments about Christmas Cheers

Lee, thanks for the Christmas cheers. A very fine poem. This appears to be the first one that you have posted to this site, so let me be the first to welcome you to Poem Hunter!

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