Christmas Craft Sale

What a wonder being seven
Booths all full of creative heaven
Oh! What fun to see
Four buildings full to brim calling me Such bargains to be found
Must open my purse quickly such wonders abound
A ten cent ring for my aunt, she will say
"Oh! For me?"
A red bow for my friend, she will love to see Only need coins! Have dollar bills. What will I do?
Grandmother gave me the clue
Exchange, for coins, so now my hands so full
Have so many yet to buy.
Must beware and not be pulled Whoa! Magnets all colors
following me with their eyes
Mom and dad will need two. Oh! my cats will spy
For Grandmother, a crystal, so wonderful
Shorts for Barbie, remember bob,
a star sucker, so colorful There I'm done. Christmas is so much fun
NO, not yet!
I see a clown twisting balloons to play and run
"Are they free I ask?"
The clown nods, yes
What a wonderful day.
I think I will call my dog Tess

by Jaclyn Hyde

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