Christmas Day 07

The sun glows in the blue sky on this warm Christmas Day
And children in the Townpark are laughing at their play
The temperature near to perfect around 22 degrees
And white butterflies are flitting around the blossoming trees
Christmas Day 07 in Victoria in the Southern Hemisphere
In the Southern Summer a delightful time of year
Santa on the back of a ute with his helper is being driven up and down
Ho hoing and throwing lollies to children on the streets of the old town
The wattlebirds are calling on flowering bush and tree
And the squawking of the corellas and the piping of the pee wee
Can be heard in the parkland and on this day of peace joy and fun
People eating and drinking at the parkland tables in the warm mid day sun
And after wining and dining the family cricket game begin
Where even one can detect that great Aussie will to win.

by Francis Duggan

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