Christmas Day In Illowa

Christmas Day in Illowa five kilometers from Koroit Town
Some of the paddocks of late mown for hay are looking a pale brown
The warm air is full of the buzzings of bush flies and nectar gathering bees
And the cattle from the sun's heat shelter in the cool shade of the trees
On the potato fields of Illowa not a human being in sight
The dark earth drills moist from the watering of the huge irrigators overnight
The potato seed have only been sown recently and the first stalks yet to appear
In Illowa of the Moyne Shire a week from the New Year
On Christmas Day old Illowa is a very quiet place
On the padocks i see bird and sheep and cattle but not a human face
The farmers with their families after Christmas dinner relax with a beer
On a work free day from the cares of life to enjoy the festive cheer
Christmas Day in Illowa not a human being in sight
And the bush flies and bees are buzzing in the warmth of the sunlight.

by Francis Duggan

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