Christmas Day In Koroit 2013

Christmas Day in south west Victoria and few cars pass up and down
On Commercial Road the main street of quiet old Koroit Town
The shops and pubs closed for the day perhaps the quietest of the year
On a day that is warm and sunny the sky is blue and clear
A weather forecast high for the day of twenty nine degrees
And warmth in the sunshine with only a slight breeze
After their Christmas dinner many Koroitians to keep cool
Will drive to nearby beaches in Port Fairy, Killarney and Warrnambool
Koroit like every other town is quiet on Christmas day
Though after their Christmas dinner in the park family cricket some families play
And some families after their Christmas dinner swap stories of Christmases long gone
The Christmas spirit in Koroit is alive and will live on
And for as long as there is a Koroit in the south west Victoria countryside
By the spirit and traditions of the Season Koroitians will abide.

by Francis Duggan

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