Christmas Eve In Millstreet Town

On the streets the cars are buzzing up and down
On Christmas Eve in Millstreet Town
In festive mood the Town aglow
In Christmas lights on small trees by almost every window

Migrants home from cities far away
To be with family and friends at Christmas and New Year's eve and day
Though down from Clara's darkened hill
The wind is blowing out a cold chill

Where old friendships are renewed and new friends made
The publicans are doing a great trade
Selling lots of liquor stout and beer
These go well with Christmas cheer

Where revelry is to the fore
Every pub full of people to the door
People in the mood for song
Join in the pub lounge sing along

Every pub door closes without a fight
On a great ending to a great night
Then it is off to the Church at West End to pray
At midnight mass in the welcoming of Christmas Day

Early Christmas morning in Millstreet Town
All of the shops and pubs closed down
The streets are quiet and all is still
In the old Town by Clara Hill.

by Francis Duggan

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