Christmas Eve In The Moyne Shire

Christmas Eve in the Moyne Shire and scarce a puff of breeze
Less than an hour from sunset it is over thirty degrees
The warm air full of the buzzing of small bush flies and bees
As the last rays of the evening sun are retreating from the trees
The sweet aroma of the paddocks that are freshly mowed for hay
As the sun is slowly setting red just west of Gorman's Bay
The weather forecast has it for a warm Christmas Day
Tomorrow morning in the air conditioned lounge rooms children with their toys will play
That Santa left by the Christmas tree as they slept at midnight
Quite happy in their excitement and laughing in delight
The air is warm and humid just after sundown
And much traffic on the highway between Warrnambool and Port Fairy Town
On Christmas Eve in the Moyne Shire over thirty degrees
And the air is warm and humid there is scarce a puff of breeze.

by Francis Duggan

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