You Are My Rainbow

You are the rainbow
after my storm
the sunshine in my heart
that keeps me warm

You light up my darkness
when I am lost
saving all my days
from total loss

You are my beacon
that shines overhead
directing my path
with love instead

You are my shining star
of hope from above
leading me to share life
within your love

You are my moon and stars
in the sky above
The only lights that shine
upon my love

No other will ever be able
to take your place
Forever in my heart your love
shall evermore race

You are my dreams
floating on the sea
Along the shore
your love rushes out to me

Crashing like stormy waves
upon life's restless shore
Receding in reoccurrence
forever more

You are My Life ~ My Hope~
My Dreams come true
I would not exist
if it were not for you

Like fusing colors of a rainbow
arched across the sky
Your Promise of Love keeps me
floating on high

by Mary Balthazar

Comments (2)

Really good write, good expression in your words.
I wish the same forever and I never seem to get this Christmas gift ever! !