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Christmas Gift
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Christmas Gift

They ask me what I want
For Christmas
What I want?
How can I tell them?
What can I say?
The things I want
They can never give me, of course.
I want someone
who will love me for who I am
who I can the way I want to
and they will know
I am sincere
I want to be able to love
to live for life, for love
I want to say
And do
And be
Who and what I want in front of
The person I love
I want to touch someone
just a touch
and they know I love them
and I dont have to say the words I hate
I want to find salvation
in a lover
I want to find comfort
in a friend
or someone more than a friend
These things, yet,
Will never come to me
because they dont come wrapped
in paper or cloth
or decorated with ribbons or bows
They come wrapped in difficulty and nervousness
They come decorated
with pain and conflict and change
They come with all the things I dont want
But if someone wants to give this gift
The gift of love
Real Love
To me
I would accept it readily
The only thing I want for Christmas
The only thing I want for the whole year
Will never come to me
Because it is so rare
So antique
So difficult to gain
I may never get it
And yet...
I still wait
I still wish
I still yearn

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Comments (2)

Really good write, good expression in your words.
I wish the same forever and I never seem to get this Christmas gift ever! !