VK (03-12-1958 / kannur-kerala-India)

Christmas Green Tree

</>All the trees shed their leaves
Stood under black dress
Everywhere white snows
Except Christmas green tree

Children played in the valley
Making Ice balls and stick
The black tree doesn`t open eye
Except Christmas green tree

Little stars glimpses on
With the trees waving head
Singing Carol on the way
Jingle bell and Santa Claus

The Only tree is stood in green
Horrible winter coolly days
Blessing infent`s Holy birth
Enjoy happy Praise the Lord...

by Vinod Kumar

Comments (4)

Little stars glimpses on With the trees waving head wonderful poem about Christmas, lovely rhymes 10/10
Very pleasant and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
very nice poem, lovely one thanks a lot for beautiful lines 10+
10 for the charming simplicity of this poem. You see the loveliness of the Christmas experience. My tree is decorated with angels.Blessings to you and yours on the wings of prayer. Friends at poemhunter, Sandra