Ten Things You Sound Like When You Say All Lives Matter In Response To Black Lived Matter

This one is called ten things you sound like when you say all lives matter in response to black lives matter or stop saying that stupid insensitive ass shit
Alright so
1. Your family pet goes missing. You post pictures of it all around your neighborhood. I come in and post pictures of other people's missing pets from around the world on top of your missing pet because well you ain't the only one missing a pet.

2. I show up at your grandmother's funeral and hand out my grandmothers obituaries, you ask why, because nigga you ain't the only one that's missing a grandma

3. I go into the hospital and change all of the intensive care unit signs to care unit signs because every life in the hospital should be cared for just the same. What makes the intensive care unit patients think that their lives matter more than the life of Ginny on the first floor fighting the cold. Cold can kill you too

4. Your fiancé stands you up at the altar and as you're crying I get up and yell millions of people get broken up with everyday stop whining about it.

5. I show up to the alcoholics anonymous meeting to get help for my cotton candy addiction. An addict is an addict. We all deserve help.

6. You say Caylee Anthony I say what about her we still don't know who killed little JonBenet Ramsey.

7. I say black lives matter you say you don't see color

8. I say Dallas you say blue lives matter I say I thought you didn't see color

9. It sounds like when I say black lives matter and you say all lives matter

10. It sounds like when I say black lives matter and you say all lives matter

10. It sounds like when we say black lives matter and you say all lives matter it sounds racist it sounds inhumane it sounds like you're trying to choke us with our own grease it sounds like all lives matter but when we say Rekia Boyd, Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones, Jessica Hernandez, Walker Kendrick Johnson, the people in fucking flint you say you say nothing.

In my house, every dinner was accompanied by the evening news,
my mother passing survival tips across the table like salt,
educating us on how to move through a world we were still trying to fit into
In your house, did you pass pep talks like pepper,
educating your son on how to move through a world that would always fit him

by Bianca Phipps

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Little stars glimpses on With the trees waving head wonderful poem about Christmas, lovely rhymes 10/10
Very pleasant and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
very nice poem, lovely one thanks a lot for beautiful lines 10+
10 for the charming simplicity of this poem. You see the loveliness of the Christmas experience. My tree is decorated with angels.Blessings to you and yours on the wings of prayer. Friends at poemhunter, Sandra