Christmas Hush

There is a sound so silent; it is like the falling snow.
Although it is unspoken, every single person knows.
The stillness all must feel, not hear; can fill you with a rush.
The sound is noted, seasonably, as a Christmas Hush.

It consumes your heart with gladness as it warms you like a fire.
It allows you to feel loved, so it will bade you feel desire.
Sometimes beneath the mistletoe it makes you want to blush,
But nonetheless it's known by all as a Christmas Hush.

It fills your mind with loving words; it helps you do good deeds.
It invites your heart to be aware of other people's needs.
It will bid you stop and ponder some among the bustled rush.
Yes, you know you have the spirit when you hear the
Christmas Hush.

by Christine K. Trease

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