The Song Poem

'Carry on my wayward son'
A hint to my new place.
You could say 'I saw the sign'.
I'm the Ace of my new base.
'Runaway train' never coming back,
I chose to 'let her cry'.
Always claiming 'Wasn't me'.
10 years 'so long, goodbye'.
'You don't know her like I do'
She plays a 'Wicked Game'.
'running out of moonlight'.
She's a sick puppy 'All the same'.
I try to be a 'Simple Man'.
'Too many words' will cause a mess.
'Please forgive me' if I'm 'cold',
I'm 'Hard to love' I guess.
Thats why I chose to 'Sail',
'Unforgiven' and 'Alone'.
Baby 'We're not meant to be'.
What I've felt and what I've known.
Too late to 'Apologize'.
No meaning in 'Watchyasay'.
This time I'm riding 'Solo',
'Karma' comes for you someday.
' I would walk 500 miles',
'I will not bow' or 'Break',
' I won't back down' to petty games.
'Suffocate' and go be fake.
'Rehab' made me 'Realize',
'I don't care' to 'Hurt' 'Nobody',
'Sometimes love just aint enough'
'What a shame' were over honey.
'I get it' that 'Its over now'.
Wont think 'What might have been'.
'Every once in a while''I'll be missing you'
But I wont 'Remember when'.
We Found 'The end of the road',
Thats what 'Hurts the most'.
Its 'more than words' or 'heartless' games.
No more 'Home' for us to host.
Goodbye 'Almost lover',
I can't have 'Somebody like you'.
My souls forever 'Space Bound'
'Wish you were here'. 'Confessions 2'.

L.K.S 4-20-2015

by Little King of Sorrows

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Kipling's one of best works in which glistened the most brilliant of pearls...........outstanding piece by outstanding poet........thanks for sharing
His poems are awesome
The Mundian to bach ke Rahi, with the Hurle, hurle, hurle murd Bilar, The Mundian to bach ke Rahi with the Hurle, Hurle, Hurle murd Bilar, The Mundian to bach keee Rahiiiiiiiiii-ahhh! (Hua!)
the odd Oh and O is crazy, but 7 spell 'lazy'.
He was racist, prejudiced and biggoted, and one sees it in all his works. He was in favor of Irish genocide.
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