Subliminal Messages

We send our subliminal messages
from the language of our body
and the gestures that we make.
Our desires lay hidden
only to be read
by those we send them to.
We seek no conformation
because we know they get through.

by David Harris

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Kipling's one of best works in which glistened the most brilliant of pearls...........outstanding piece by outstanding poet........thanks for sharing
His poems are awesome
The Mundian to bach ke Rahi, with the Hurle, hurle, hurle murd Bilar, The Mundian to bach ke Rahi with the Hurle, Hurle, Hurle murd Bilar, The Mundian to bach keee Rahiiiiiiiiii-ahhh! (Hua!)
the odd Oh and O is crazy, but 7 spell 'lazy'.
He was racist, prejudiced and biggoted, and one sees it in all his works. He was in favor of Irish genocide.
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