Career Choice

A million thoughts scrambling through my brain
Screaming and squabbling along the thick grey jelly.
Desperately trying to not look the same,
To stand out and catch my attention

I sweat and gasp at the still plain paper
My eyes search fanatically for an answer
Thoughts struggling to make sense drowning in my for-head vapour,
I can hear so much, but silence still prevalent

Slurred speech, mumbles, cries
If only I could admit defeat
That was the cause of this in the first place it was the reason why
Why I couldn’t fill the page.

I tried to remember something, anything negative
To compare something I could perform to a lesser degree
But I had been forsaken, with an exceptional education
Seemed logical, but proved impossible to me

Choices. There! That’s my downfall
I can’t seem to choose
There’s something I can not do,
Nope I can not choose!

Thus a conclusion!
A career that involves choices!
There I will not succeed.
So eliminate jobs involving choice, I concede

After the aftermath, I am left with jobs suited to me,
The objective is more clear
I cross away the jobs I now know I can’t perform
One by one, narrowing my destiny,
Heaving substantial weight from my shoulders as I tick away a job

My mind begins to slow
I begin to surpass fear
Staring at the list of now suited careers
A prick of anxiety stings me:

How am I meant to choose? ...

by Justine is my name

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Kipling's one of best works in which glistened the most brilliant of pearls...........outstanding piece by outstanding poet........thanks for sharing
His poems are awesome
The Mundian to bach ke Rahi, with the Hurle, hurle, hurle murd Bilar, The Mundian to bach ke Rahi with the Hurle, Hurle, Hurle murd Bilar, The Mundian to bach keee Rahiiiiiiiiii-ahhh! (Hua!)
the odd Oh and O is crazy, but 7 spell 'lazy'.
He was racist, prejudiced and biggoted, and one sees it in all his works. He was in favor of Irish genocide.
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