Christmas In Millstreet

Old Clara is in his December hat of snow
And Finnow from the high country bank high does flow
On towards the Blackwater it rumbles on down
In bare rushy wet fields just west of Millstreet Town

Across the deserted fields the cold winds do blow
And the redwings are chirping on the bare hedgerow
And the cattle in farmshed for fodder bellow
A scene of Christmas i once used to know

At a time of year when the weather is never sunny and fine
In the heated indoors the friends and families wine and dine
And though like many more from such a life i have moved on
I still do have memories of Christmas long gone

Here in Victoria the weather is humid close to thirty degrees
And warmth in the sunshine and warmth in the breeze
Around the blossoming shrubs and trees brown butterflies fly
And swallows chase flying insects in the sunny sky

Yet i do recall Christmas from here far away
When from overnight ground frost the old fields were gray
And old Finnow bank high in flood waters of brown
Flowed to the Blackwater close to Millstreet Town.

by Francis Duggan

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