Christmas Is For The Wealthy Cannot Be Denied

A time of feasting and drinking and Santa and toys
And a joyful occasion for many young girls and boys
When they find their presents on the Christmas tree
So kind is old Santa and so full of generosity

But at Christmas some adults far too much alcohol do drink
Which does impair their ability for to think
And in the pubs at Christmas there is often a brawl
Alcohol can make small men feel sturdy and tall

Christmas a time of prayer and carol singing and supposed to be a time of peace
But for some it is a time of anger release
In war zones many do die on Christmas Day
As well as many homicides Worldwide so sad for to say

To the children of the displaced and the homeless Santa will not come this year
To where they live joy and peace is not anywhere near
For them this year there will not be turkey and cake
At a young age they know of hunger and heartache

Christmas is celebrated by people Worldwide
But sadly for many God is not on their side
The gap between the poor and the wealthy has never been so wide
And that Christmas is for the wealthy cannot be denied.

by Francis Duggan

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