Christmas Joy

late dad's happiest days, my joyest ones
were tuned up by jingle bells
lit by glittery stars big and small
and coloured by the reddest of hollies
the whitest and fairest of angel hair

as we picked through myriad velvety items
in our favourite souvenir shop
santa clauses jumped from dad's warm hands into mine
before heading for home cheering us
all day long on our giant Christmas tree

also in the fun are reindeer, the Great eastern star
that towered over all of us
powdery snow that specked the tree
and finally the little child in the cradle, Mary, joseph
in a smug horse shed,
they brought us all together
every year, brother, sister, mom and dad
for a few days of wondrous joy

we could have been the Eastern wise men
who partook in the fun of Christ
as he took his first peeks at the world

the Great Eastern Star
still greets us each Christmas
on the highest spot of the Christmas tree
below our family picture
where mom, dad and all of us smile perpetually
evoking teary cheery memories

we continue the same tradition
my son and i running through
the same souvenir shop
searching for things to brighten up our life,
our dreams
in between our laughters
i never fail to hum along that
Baby in the Cradel song
late dad liked most and
letting son know it is too
the best time i cherish

-dad, mom, and child
smiling perpetually over
us in rhythm to the glittering lights
and our laughters

by john tiong chunghoo

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