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Christmas Lights
JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Christmas Lights

Poem By Jade Leven

I hope I don't remember
that I was on the verge of tears when I wrote this
I hope I just remember
what I saw tonight

I drove by his house and I was so upset by it
I don't even believe it
there wasn't a stranger's car in the driveway
there wasn't anything that should have made me break down
just Christmas lights, shining bright, I wish someone had shielded my eyes

it reminded me how he moved on and I didn't, for so long
and if I've moved on, then why do I cry whenever I hear one of our songs?
why did the Christmas lights make me want to burn his house down?
because last Christmas I was in that house
I was laughing in that house
but this year when I pull into my driveway
no one's laughing
because no one's there

I'm starved for love
and it feels so good to say
now I've identified the problem
now I know it can't be solved

I think I finally discovered
why I hate Christmas lights.

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