Christmas Magic

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, what wondrous magic
dost Thou hold for me?
Is it anything like the years that used to be,
that live on in my memory?
Do your branches hide a lump of coal 'cause I don't
deserve any better?
I remember I didn't give a good behavior report in my
last Santa Claus letter!
Do the strings of shiny tinsel represent the silver
tracks of a very much wanted electric train?
Or the glittering bindings of an encyclopedia to
sharpen the actions of my "fertile" brain?
Do the flashing lights announce the arrival of a life-
like baby doll,
With big blue eyes and curly blonde hair, like the one
in our shopping mall?
Does the jack-in-the-box pop out of the folds of a
pair of red long johns?
Do the overstuffed, big socks hide a warm, furry muff
or a box of yummy bonbons?
No matter what the mystery is it's always fun to remember,
The excitement, the aromas, the conniving all through
the month of December.
The angels sounding their trumpets, playing carols
loud and clear.
And everybody wishing everybody PEACE, HAPPY

by Helen Marsh Flittner

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