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Christmas Manner (X'Mas)
(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Christmas Manner (X'Mas)

This Christmas Manner
That brings unison cheer
Which spreads within all abroad
The yule tide carols of fellowship
Between subtle man and God.

God sent His Son
For all to be saved
What compassion from a friend.
We need His love and mercy
Or we'd die in sin.

Some folks you don't even know
Never show concern all year
Until Christmas comes again.
Then this Christmas Manner pops up
Showing love from a relative or friend.

Its Christmas everyday you know
Its cheer, its happiness, its laughter.
The unison that bubbles
For just that day
Should be felt moments days after.

Jesus opened up that cheer
For all who would heed
God's Holy Word
To worship a true and Living God
Upon the earth to be served.

For everyday
Through our devoted lives
His voice
Is to be seen and heard.
And there should never be a question
When you know His love will purge.

This Christmas Manner
Cannot be described
But can be felt from heart to heart.
If you let the Love of God within
This Christmas Manner is a good start.

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